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Picture book · + 4 Years

Luis Amavisca | Elena Rendeiro

ISBN: 978-84-944137-4-2
Bilingual English/Spanish
40 pages · 9 7/8 x 9 1/2 inches
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Princess Li lived with her father, King Wan Tan, in a beautiful palace.
Li was in love with Beatrice, a girl from a distant land.
Both of them were very happy until the day Wan Tan sent for the princess:
the day had come on which Li had to marry a young man from the court.
A traditional magic fairy tale... told differently.
A tale of equality, and above all, a story about love.


Awards: Elena Rendeiro was Finalist of the Generaciones Award for visual artists in Spain.
Princess Li/La princesa Li earned massive coverage in Europe, including a one-page article
in El País (a leading Spanish newspaper) and Le Courier International.

Themes: Equality, Magic, Equal Marriage, Other Cultures, Love, Diversity.

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